Mrs. Hudson on the Case, Take Two

Mrs. Hudson and the Malabar Rose (A Sherlock Holmes & Mrs. Hudson Mystery 2), by Martin Davies, (Canelo), 336 pages, release date 19 October, 2015

Late this past summer I reviewed Mrs. Hudson and the Spirit’s Curse, the first novel in this series. The second volume, Mrs. Hudson and the Malabar Rose, is similar in style to the first, but the characters are gradually becoming more fleshed-out, which adds to the reading experience. In the first novel, Holmes and Hudson were rivals of a sort. This time around they each pursue their own lines of reasoning, but they show a respect for one another’s abilities. The narrator, Flotsam, an orphan who has been pulled from the streets by Mrs. Hudson and now works as a kitchen girl/co-sleuth is growing more perceptive, becoming a participant in the investigation, rather than just a witness to it.

The case this time focuses on an enormous ruby, the Malabar Rose, which has been given to Queen Victoria with the stipulation that it must first be publicly displayed. A magician, whose performances across Europe seem to coincide with the thefts of other jewels, will be performing in London the night the Malabar Rose goes on display, so an attempted robbery is expected. Once again, Mrs. Hudson finds her own route to a solution—one that Holmes would have missed on his own.

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