Coffee, Yarn, Paper, and “The Blood of the Lamb”: A Perfect Sunday

Melissa has her ipod collection of revival songs playing on the computer, and we are having a luxurious Sunday at home. (Melissa notes that she is an agnostic, pagan Emersonian, but that doesn’t preclude a love of revival music.) We’re drinking Peet’s JR Reserve ($24.95 the half-pound), which Melissa got for free at work, since it’s past its date. Actually, it’s vacuum sealed and still plenty fresh, but you don’t want to risk annoying folks who are willing to pay fifty dollars a pound for coffee, so we reap the benefits of Peet’s legendary quality and customer service.

We’re feasting on banana-mango-cranberry fruit salad with lime zest and a bit of prosciutto on the side.

I have to knit today. It would be irresponsible not to knit, since I am working on my Smooshy hat for The Golden Fleece.

Smooshy yarn

I love Smooshy. If I were not already promised to Melissa, I would spend my nights under Smooshy’s window, singing serenades in honor of its 100% Australian merino goodness and begging it to marry me and make me the happiest knitter on earth.

So while I “toil” away at my hat and Melissa slices giant sheets of 100% cotton rag paper into the proper size for more prints, I leave you with a few more images from Animate Creation.
Animate Creation

… the best primates ever.

…not quite lemurs, but just as wonderful.

… the only mammals to know the joy of true flight.

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