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Attention Knitters—We Have Some Winners!

Melissa and I have just finished doing the prize draw for the Blogiversary Raffle for the Animals.

And now—drum roll, please—the winners are:

The Swallowtail Shawl in Louisa Harding Cinnabar: Susan B. of Peach Blossom Knits, who not only gave to the animals, but wound up adopting a new dog as a result.

The print by Melissa West: my niece, Miss Sparkles. (I double pinky swear that the draw was not rigged. Melissa drew the names with her eyes closed, and I didn’t even touch the bag she was drawing from.)

Two skeins of Socks that Rock, Undertoe colorway (donated by my friend Chris): Cathy-Cate at Hither and Yarn

The giant skein of Kauni (courtesy of The Golden Fleece): Maureen at Batty for Yarn

The Knit with Hemp Kit (courtesy of Article Pract): Ruth at Ruthless Knitting

The Bag of Twize: Donna C.

The Bag of Cotton Flamme: Clarabelle

The set of seven hand-knit dishcloths, one for each day of the week: Laurie at Knitting Garden

The copy of Sensational Knitted Socks: Ruth at 5elemenkintr

The Short Attention-Span Knitting Kit (a mini-kit for knitted appliques, along with abridged versions of Knitting for Dummies and Cocktails for Dummies): Melissa’s sister, Joanna (Again, I double pinky swear that nothing was rigged.)

I will be emailing the winners to make shipping arrangements. Meanwhile, thank you to every who contributed to this raffle. I am touched, encouraged, and delighted by your generosity. Our final total was $883, with which the great groups who received the money will be able to do all sorts of wonderful things.

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Blogiversary Raffle Update

What If Knits Blogiversary

Wow! You folks are the greatest! We’re up to $868 in donations for the Blogiversary Raffle! I just love imagining all the contented cats, delighted doggies, happy horses, leaping lemurs, and appreciative apes.

I’ll be doing the draw tomorrow after Melissa gets here. We’re hoping our young friend Boaz will do the actual drawing of names for us (though his mom warns that we may have trouble getting the papers out of his hands to see whose names are written on them). Stay tuned!

P.S. Melissa and I cooked up a lovely little fantasy about Jeffrey last night. We imagined being reunited with him after seeing his picture under a newspaper headline: Millionaire Leaves Fortune to Stray Cat. Not that we would want his millions; just that we would love it if he could afford a driver and would stop by for a visit sometimes.

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LYS Goodies

Both of my LYSs have donated prizes for the blogiversary raffle—without my even having asked for them! As a way of saying thank you (and, I hope, of whetting your appetite for the great prizes) I thought I’d devote one entry this week to each of them.

First up: Article Pract, my Oakland LYS.

Coming soon: The Golden Fleece, my Santa Cruz LYS.

Melissa and I found Article Pract by luck a bit over a year ago when we were heading for dinner at a favorite Ethiopian Restaurant, Asmara. As you might imagine, we experienced a sudden detour and wound up at the restaurant rather later than we’d expected.

You can see what drew me inside…
Article Pract storefront
… the sock yarns are just to the left of the door, all sorts of hand-dyeds in glorious colors that reduce knitters to gibbering, fiber-petting fools.

On the right are Rowan and Louisa Harding, with Curious Creek further to the back. On the left are Malabrigo, Manos, and much, much more.
Article Pract interior
If you look toward the far end of the store, you’ll see the hallway into the back room, where the (yum!) yarn tastings are held.

Besides carrying delicious yarns, Article Pract has one of the best selections I’ve ever seen of knitting bags, many of them locally-crafted.

My favorite things about Article Pract?
• The owner, Christine, who is kind, generous, and smart. (Check out her blog, A Fist Full of Stitches.)
• The yarn tastings, which are held monthly (on the second Sunday). For just $10, you get samples of ten or so yarns, sometimes by a single manufacturer, sometimes of a similar weight or fiber content, along with a one-time 25% off coupon good for the featured yarns and related patterns. Christine, who is a wonderful cook, provides snacks and drinks. You can sit, eat, knit up your samples, and wander the shop to look at alternate colorways for the yarns. It all adds up to an hour-and-a-half of convivial company, tactile pleasure, and shopping thrills.

And here’s the Article Pract contribution to the blogiversary raffle…
Hemp knitting kit from Article Pract
… a Get to Know Hemp Knitting Kit that includes four skeins of hemp yarn, a pair of patterns (for a washcloth and a scarf), needles, a hemp project bag, and a larger tote.

P.S. The shop’s name? It’s a spoonerism for Practical Art!

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Tuesday Mewsday: Cat-Walk Models

Do you recognize the models for these Blogiversary Raffle buttons?

Here’s Beatrice, blending mysteriously into the fabric of the time-space continuum.
What If Knits Blogiversary
That’s her patented just-because-you-feed-me-doesn’t-mean-I-trust-you glare.

And this is our dear, departed Woody, doing his bit to help out the kitties who haven’t yet crossed over the rainbow bridge.
What If Knits Blogiversary
This picture is a detail from one of Melissa’s lino-block prints. While hiking across northern Spain during the fall ’06, she drew a little sketch of what she imagined life would be like with me along on the journey: a knapsack full of yarn and playful kittens bounding about alongside me. (If you win the print part of the drawing, the full picture is one of the three you can choose among. Meanwhile, you can see it here.)

Do help yourself to a button (or two!) if you’d like. If you want to link back to the Blogiversary Raffle rules, use this address

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Blogiversary Raffle for the Animals

A raffle to raise funds for animal welfare and protection groups, including
Best Friends Animal Sanctuary
Wildlife Center of Silicon Valley
Project Purr
Alleycat Allies
The Duke University Lemur Center
The Jane Goodall Institute

The Prizes:
• A Swallowtail Shawl knit in Louisa Harding Cinnabar yarn.
The shawl, again

• Your choice of one of these three signed, limited-edition prints by Melissa West.
Three animal-related prints

• Two skeins of Socks that Rock in the Undertoe colorway. (Generously donated by my friend Chris.)

• A full bag of Southwest Trading Company Twize (100% bamboo) in the Twack colorway.

• A full bag of clover green thick-and-thin cotton.

• Seven hand-knit dishcloths—one for each day of the week!

• A copy of the original Sensational Knitted Socks.

• A short-attention-span knitting gift pack, including abridged versions of Knitting for Dummies and Cocktails for Dummies, along with a knitted applique kit.

And perhaps more… stay tuned!

The Rules:
• For every $2 you donate to one of the above groups (or your local equivalent), you’ll get an entry in the raffle. Note that this is for new donations only—I’m trying to encourage all of us to give just a little bit more than we usually do. To let me know about your donation, leave a comment on this blog or email me at shATwhatifknitsDOTcom. I will send you an email to acknowledge your entry, so if you don’t hear back from me, feel free to write again and check up.

• If you post about this raffle on your blog and include a link, let me know. I’ll put your name into the hat an extra three times.

• The prize draw itself will take place on Friday, February 22. (I was originally aiming for Valentine’s Day, but wanted the extra week to get the word out.)

• Each person will be eligible to win a maximum of one prize (we’ll draw for the biggest ones first). That way, more people will have a shot at winning something.

• Once we’ve drawn the winners, I’ll post that information on my blog and contact these folks individually via email to arrange mailing.

The Buttons:
Please help yourselves! If you want to link back to the Blogiversary Raffle rules, use this address

What If Knits Blogiversary

What If Knits Blogiversary

What If Knits Blogiversary

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Blogiversary Raffle

My first full year of blogging has slipped by without my even noticing—but I won’t let that interfere with the celebrations. What celebrations? Why, the first (annual?) What If Knits Save-the-Cats (and Other Animals) Blogiversary Raffle.

Here’s the general plan: I’m going to put together an excellent group of prizes. To be entered in the raffle, just make a small donation to any of the animal protection/rescue sites listed on my links page (more info and links below). Then send me an email (shATwhatifknitsDOTcom) to let me know about your donation. For every $2 you give, I’ll put your name into the draw. Give $2, your name goes in once. Give $20, your name goes in ten times. We’ll be using the honor system, so just tell me when you donate. I’ll believe you. As an incentive to get the word spread, I’ll add your name an extra three times if you post about this raffle on your own blog with a link back to mine. I’ll do the actual prize draw at noon, California time on Thursday, February 14 (it’s all about the love, people!).

The Prizes
I’m still working on these, so the list below is just for starters.

The grand prize will be my recently completed Swallowtail Shawl, worked in Louisa Harding Cinnabar, and displayed here with the help of the lovely Beatrice.
The shawl

The shawl, again
(Bea is all for anything that brings money in to animal rescue groups. If other people rescue those needy creatures, then her own mother won’t feel compelled to bring them home.)

Bea approves of the shawl
Because it’s knit with worsted-weight yarn, the shawl measures a full six feet across. The mix of cotton, rayon, and metallic fibers gives it a lovely drape and makes it easy to dress up or down.

Other prizes will include knitting books, yarn, and additional hand knits. I’ll post a full inventory on Monday.

The Organizations
You’ll get raffle entries for donations to any of the following groups.

Best Friends. The largest no-kill shelter in the U.S., Best Friends specializes in caring for the animals other groups can’t handle. Cats with urinary problems? They go straight to the Incontinental Suite. Dogtown allows dogs to live in “packs” that have large play areas and cozy shelters. There are also special accommodations for birds, bunnies, farm animals, and wildlife. Besides providing on-site care for all these animals, Best Friends coordinates workshops across the country that help other shelters develop their own no-kill programs.

Wildlife Center of Silicon Valley. This native-animal rescue group works to help the creatures whose lives and habitats are disrupted by the spreading human population. Every year, they care for hundreds of creatures, ranging from bobcats to baby squirrels. (Have a local native-animal rescue group you’d rather give to? Fine with me! Let me know about your donation to them, and I’ll count it towards the raffle.)

Project Purr. This group provides care for Santa Cruz feral cat colonies—and tames and finds loving homes for wild cats when possible. (Again, if you have a local equivalent to this group and you’d prefer give to them—I’ll count it.)

Alley Cat Allies. Does on a national level what Project Purr does locally, caring for feral cats, making sure they get neutered so that colonies diminish in size over time, and providing support to local rescue organizations. They also track local, state, and national legislation affecting ferals.

The Duke University Lemur Center. We humans are primates, and some of the most charming members of our extended family are lemurs. Lemurs exist only on the island of Madagascar, off the coast of Africa, where poverty and habitat destruction put them all at risk of extinction. The Lemur Center engages in global research and conservation efforts, including raising and releasing captive-bred lemurs back to the wild.

The Jane Goodall Institute. This organization works to preserve primate habitat, improve ecology education, support non-invasive research on primates, and to ensure quality of life for primate species the world over.

Those are the basics. Keep me posted on your donations and your postings. Melissa will work on a button. I’ll get more prizes (and prize photos) posted.

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