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  1. If you are Sara Hope, thanks for leaving a comment on my blog about the Tapestry Crochet works, you may itch to knit but you would need to crochet to do these works

  2. Hello!
    I just wanted to say thanks for the Santa Cruz pattern (found on Magknits) – I was looking for something to make for teenage nieces and it’s just perfect!
    How clever you are to give us all those yarn options – now I am going through my stash looking for more yarn to make another one.
    Am also trying to figure out if I can make it in something really bulky, but will have to re-invent the decreases.
    Hopefully I will get some pix on my blog soon and send some more knitters your way.
    Pat (knitting sewing recycling in Ottawa)

  3. I noticed your midwest moonlight scarf you were knitting at the baseball game but I couldn’t find any more pictures of it on your blog. I know the yarn is from cidermoon but could you please tell me the colorway and name of the brand cidermoon sells. thanks so much.


  4. Thank you so very much for purchasing our Riverstone Twist yarn during Stitches West at the Amazing Yarns booth. We would be pleased to see the finished item.
    As a “thank you”, we would like to send another different type of yarn. Please contact with mailing address. Your site is a breath of fresh air!!!

    Diana Blair
    Going to the Sun Fiber Mill

  5. Thank you for my Twize! I’m mulling over a few patterns from their website, I’ll let you know what it becomes. You made my month!

  6. Can you please help me the Americanized version of the Revontuli shawl. They recommended you at the Golden Fleece yarn store where i b ought the yarn.. I love the shawl but need some tips for continuing on chart 2. I think I got the chart one right. I would really appreciate this. Thank you.

  7. Sarah-Hope
    Sorry to bother you but I am writing this from home and this is the only e-mail address I can use to write to you.
    Can I ask you to read this submission and make corrections? I felt compel to write this after receiving few calls from business owners in Felton upset that I did not mention them in my piece.

  8. Can you tell me about Yarn Bee…”Soft Delight” yarn???? What kind of yarn is it? AND….will it felt with a yarn that is 100% WOOL? Pleae hurry with answer if you can help me. THX

  9. Soft Delight is an acrylic yarn from Hobby Lobby. It has two stands, a thicker one a bit like a single ply, and a second one rather like a very gappy eyelash–not at all my usual kind of yarn, but it really is soft,

  10. Hi, I came across this website from googling a knitted watermelon hat pattern. Your pattern is absolutely GORGEOUS!! As you know, the MagKnits site is no longer around and I would really be sooo appreciative if you could share that pattern! I’m sure many others would too 🙂 Could you possibly post the pattern or send it to me via email? I have a 2 year old daughter and she would LOVE this!! Thanks so much

  11. please direct me to the instructions for the clementine shawl. i have searched crystal palace yarns with no lucky


  12. The next time you come to Oregon, there are a couple of yarn stores at the coast which are also worth a look. One is a cute shop in the quaint town of Manzanita, Oregon.


    Yarn For All Seasons is in a quirky location next to the Oregon Aquariam (think roadside oddities and touristy spots). But when you walk in you realize that this is a large well organized yarn shop with lots of luxury and natural yarn selections.

  13. What is the stitch you have on the banner for your website name? It’s pretty & I’d love to learn it! Btw, I found your site from dailyknitters.com for your Tamalpais hat. Ate you near Dublin/Pleasanton? 🙂

  14. As I was surfing the net searching for a very simple pattern for wrist warmers I came across your page. I wanted to find a suitable beginner pattern for one of my staff that was about to go back to school. As she and I are both beginners when it comes to knitting I thought I’d try out the same pattern. But ALAS!!! right from the get go I’ve been stumped by your “Basic Wrist Warmer” pattern made with the lovely soft yarn that you found while visiting your sister. I’m sure my problem is laughable but alas to me its become incredibly annoying and I bet the solution will be very simple!

    First I need a pair of circular needles, OK no problem but then the instructions say to “Cast on 45 stitches, distributing them evenly among three double-points”. Yike! Three double-points, what does that mean?

    My second problem is at the start as well “Place a marker and close the circle”. I don’t know how to close the circle – I spent about 6hrs trying to figure it out but nothing seemed to look right! In total defeat I rolled up my lovely ball of yarn, glared at it in such as way that it should have burst into flames and disposed of it back into my tote bag.

    After looking through the vast number of items you’ve made with and without patterns I suspect my two small problems should hopefully not take you much time to explain. OH BUT PLEASE DO EXPLAIN! grovel, grovel … grovel, grovel….

  15. Hi there,
    I love your Blog it is so fun to read and lots of information. Can you please tell me which stich/pattern is used on the photo on top of this blog I do love it and the colors are great.
    Wishing you and your familly all the best in the new year

  16. It’s called the “ball band dishcloth pattern” and is available in the first Mason-Dixon knitting book (I believe) and from the yarn manufacturer’s web site.

  17. Dear Sarah, I have been greatly challenged by the Moss Landing Hat in Sock Yarn One-Skein Wonders. I have completed the main body of the hat and two decrease rows. I’m not getting the third decrease row to come out correctly. I have gone back and counted all stitches plus checked my second row and everything seems fine. Any suggestions? This hat is such a beautiful design. Nancy

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