A Welcome Return of Russell and Holmes—and Hudson

The Murder of Mary Russell: A Novel of Suspense Featuring Mary Russell and Sherlock Holmes, by Laurie R. King, (Bantam), 384 pages, release date 5 April, 2016

I love Laurie R. King’s Russell and Holmes series and will read anything new she comes out with that lets me spend time with this pair. That said, two of her last three novels in this series, The Pirate King and Dreaming Spies, haven’t seemed as magical to me as most of the titles. They were still good reads, but the settings and backstories just felt a bit too involved and unlikely for my taste. I can happily report that The Murder of Mary Russell has all the strengths of the best titles in the series. There’s no exotic location, no ninjas or film directors—just Russell, Holmes, and Mrs. Hudson, along with a few supporting characters and a new villain. The Murder of Mary Russell relies on top-notch plotting and characterization to keep readers interested.

The Murder of Mary Russell allows readers to spend more time than they have in the past with Mrs. Hudson, housekeeper and enigma. Just as Locked Rooms gave readers a richer understanding of Russell, her experiences, and values, The Murder of Mary Russell makes Mrs. Hudson a fuller, more engaging character.

If you’re already a fan of King’s Russell and Holmes series, rejoice! You’ve got some delightful reading ahead of you. And if you’re not familiar with this series, now would be a good time to introduce yourself to it.



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