A Supernatural Convalescent Hospital

Shadow Wrack: The Eldritch Manor Series, by Kim Thompson, (Dundurn), 168 pages, release date 21 December, 2015

If you know a younger reader who enjoys stories pairing fantasy with feisty, young heroines, you’ll want to give her a copy of Shadow Wrack. In this case, the heroine is Willa, who works as an assistant at Eldritch Manor, a retirement home for supernatural beings. Not surprisingly, life can quickly grow complicated when it’s filled with characters like the queen of the fairies and her officious assistant, a dissatisfied centaur, and a sphinx who’s a bit of a loose cannon. In addition, there are the strange black spots that have begun to appear and expand and the frightening, stork-like men who come out of them. Dundurn presents this title as appropriate for ages 9 to 12, and it will definitely prove a pleasure to readers in that age range.

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