New Issues/Addresses 4.14.2018

Yesterday was Friday, which means taking time to write up issues and addresses for postcarding. There is a ton going on right now.

Below you’ll find a link to the newest material (all written after the April list went up). If you aren’t in my Senate/House district, you can find addresses for your Senators here and addresses for you Representative here.

The list is long, so I suggest skimming it and using what speaks to you. As always

• use/share/distribute as you see fit

• drop me a note in comments and tell me when you use this–it keeps my spirits up.

Link: 2018.04.13 Issues:Addresses

2 Replies to “New Issues/Addresses 4.14.2018”

  1. I used your list for our first phone bank/postcard party in March, and it was such a hit I’m using this current list for our next event this Saturday. That’s a lot of work you put into this and we all appreciate it!

  2. Thank you, Carol, for letting me know! In the past I didn’t do the phone numbers, but I specifically started including them for one friend who is more of a telephone than a postcard person. I’m glad they’re getting use elsewhere as well. It’s makes that extra bit of looking things up seem so worthwhile.

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