Culinary Treasure

Bitterman’s Craft Salt Cooking, by Mark Bitterman, (Andrews McMeel Publishing), 176 pages, release date 4 October, 2016

Salt. Yummy, yummy salt. I dread the day that my blood pressure starts to rise and I have to start learning to live without salt. Until then, my philosophy is that I’m going to enjoy salt as much as I can. And on a salt-lover’s journey, there’s no one better to ride shotgun than Mark Bitterman. Actually, he should be doing the driving. I’ll ride shotgun and just keep murmuring “I am not worthy” under my breath.

If you share my passion for salt, you are going to want a copy of Bitterman’s Craft Salt Cooking. This book provides all sorts of salt-based pleasures: a history of the production and use of salt, a craft salt field guide, recipes for making your own craft salts, and recipes for cooking with craft salts organized by food type (meat, poultry, seafood and all the way on to sweets and drinks and cocktails). The book is beautifully illustrated with color photos, so your eyes can start picturing the tastes your mouth will soon be savoring.

Perhaps a whole book devoted to salt sounds excessive. Believe me, it’s not. These are recipes you’ll turn to again and again. The field guide will have you going on your own journeys of exploration looking for unusual types of salt to experiment with. Unless salt is forbidden you for medical reasons, you are going to want a copy of this title in your kitchen within easy reach.

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