Forgery and Fascination

The Last Weynfeldt, by Martin Suter, translated by Steph Morris, (New Vessel Press), 303 pages, release date 16 February, 2016

If you appreciate interesting mystery novels—and by interesting I mean with unusual settings and particularly well-developed, quirky characters—you’ll love The Last Weynfeldt. Adrian Weynfeldt is an art authenticator and appraiser working for an auction house. He lives alone in a roomy apartment filled with original art, enjoying both comfort and predictability.

The Last Weynfeldt opens just as Adrian’s life is turned doubly upside down: he realizes that a painting he’s authenticated is, in fact, a forgery, and he finds himself involved in an increasingly complex relationship with a volatile woman whose presence is pulling him out of his comfortable habits. One grasps the content of the central mystery fairly quickly, but the resolution is uncertain until the novel’s end, which makes it a rewarding read.

Martin Suter’s writing, as translated by Steph Morris, is a pleasure to read—precise, with effectively painted emotion that never comes across as sentimental. If you’re starting to think about your summer reading pile, add The Last Weynfeldt to your list. Its mix of complexity and charm will prove deeply satisfying.

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