A Birder, A Murder

A Cast of Falcons: A Birder Murder Mystery, by Steve Burrows, (Dundurn), 384 pages, release date 31 May, 2016

A Cast of Falcons is Steve Burrow’s third “Birder Murder Mystery,” and they just keep getting better. I’ve reached the point as a reader where I devour each title in this series as it appears and then wait anxiously for the next.

Detective Chief Inspector Dominic Jejeune is both investigator and birder, a brilliant, misleadingly placid figure, who is always a step ahead of his cohorts. His back story—originally from Canada, now working in Saltmarsh in Norfolk, a “successful” case that led to the death on one innocent and the rescue of another, and a brother on the other side of the law—is gradually revealed by Burrows.

In this volume Jejeune investigates a pair of seemingly unrelated murders: one of a Scottish birder, the other of a climate change scientist, whose work was underwritten by a family whose wealth comes from oil. A prize offered for a successful method of clearing oil spills may or may not be motivating the murderer.

If you haven’t discovered this series yet, you need to. If you have, like me you’ll race through this title and be eager for more.

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