A Year that Shaped America

The Fever of 1721: The Epidemic that Revolutionized Medicine and American Politics, by Stephen Coss, (Simon & Schuster), 368, release date 8 March, 2016

The Fever of 1721 is one of those works of nonfiction that readers can get caught up in like a novel. The characters (a number of whom have names readers will recognize) come from the fields of medicine, religion, and politics. They’re facing multiple conflicts—particularly regarding the best means of preventing the spread of smallpox and the growing resistance to British rule. Stephen Coss has a deft hand with the quick portrait and telling detail, so that readers come to feel they know the characters involved, despite the historical distance.

If you’re interested in medicine or American history—or just enjoy a good nonfiction read—you find The Fever of 1721 a real pleasure.

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