Going to the Cats

Catify to Satisfy: Simple Solutions for Creating a Cat-Friendly Home, by Jackson Galaxy and Kate Benjamin, (Tarcher), 272 pages, release date 17 November, 2015.

There are those people who will question why anyone would consider a home remodel just to please the cats. I am not one of those people. At the moment we have no elaborate set-ups for our cats, but we fantasize about the projects we’ll take on when we’re retired: wall perches close enough so cats can jump from one to the other, a walkway throughout the house about 12″ below the ceilings, little tunnels that let the cats move from room to room without having to use the doors.

And, really, you don’t have to do a full remodel to make your cats just a bit happier. Catify to Satisfy is full of great ideas for projects large and small that will win you a thumbs up from your feline housemates. If you’ve got any crazy cat ladies on your gift list—or perfectly sane ones, because it would be insane not to be crazy about cats—this book will be a big winner.

The cats suggest that a small catnip mouse could be used in lieu of a bow when you’re wrapping.

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