Folktale, Monster, Friend

Golemchik, by Will Exley, (Nobrow Ltd.), 24 pages, release date 9 June 2015

Do you know the story of the Golem? He’s a creature made of mud who comes to life when a rabbi places a piece of paper with a sacred word inscribed on it in the Golem’s mouth.

Will Exley’s Golemchik brings us a new version of the story: no rabbi, no sacred word. Instead, one lonely boy—the only one among his friends not going away for summer vacation—is startled to meet a Golem come to life from items his friends have left behind in their clubhouse. The Golem is both friend and monster, so the boy both wants to get to know him and at the same time has to protect his village from him.

This short graphic book is a fun read, capturing and building upon the sort of childhood loneliness we’ve all faced. This is a great book for young illustrators and story-tellers. The story line and vivid illustrations leave lots of room for imagined embellishments, allowing each reader to make it her or his own.

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