Grade-School Gothic

The Doll Graveyard: A Hauntings Novel, by Lois Ruby (Scholastic), 256 pages

Lois Ruby’s The Doll Graveyard is the perfect gift for the eight- to twelve-year-old fan of all things creepy in your life. Shelby thinks her life can’t get any worse: her parents have divorced, she’s moving two hundred miles to a new home in a small town, and that home is a weird old mansion left to Shelby’s mother by a dying aunt.

That’s before she and her younger brother Brian find the doll graveyard in the back yard. And the creepy doll house in the attic. And the doll hidden in the wall behind Shelby’s dresser. And we haven’t even gotten to the point where Shelby starts hearing voices…

If you know any grade-schoolers who are into all things ghoulish, you’ll be able to bring them reading joy—and terror—with this atmospheric read.

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