Return of the Non-Neurotypical Detective

Not too long ago, I reviewed The Dante Connection, the middle book in Estelle Ryan’s (currently) three-book detective series featuring a main character, Genevieve Leonard, who is a high functioning autist. At the time, I found myself wondering if this would wind up being a series I would follow. The answer to that question is yes.


Although they’re nothing alike, I think Genvieve Leonard will be my new Amelia Peabody. Having now read the first and third books in the series (The Gauguin Connection and The Braque Connection), I’m hoping Genevieve and I can have a long and happy relationship. She’s smart, she’s independent, and I find the way she both works around and makes use of her autism absolutely fascinating. I could use a few hundred pages of her company every year or so.

The Gauguin Connection is still available as a free download from Amazon, so give it a gander—you’ve got nothing to lose, and you might make a new friend.

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  1. I’ve been knitting less lately and just giving myself over to the reading bug–but I certainly haven’t given up on knitting.:-)

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