With the pressures of a new academic quarter starting up, I’ve turned to my garment of choice for pleasing knitting with minimal complications and time commitment: hats.

I have been love, love, loving Swallow’s Return’s Snowdrops Beret, (a free! pattern) for ages—and now it’s a finished knit, rather than just a slot in my queue.

I’ve knit up a Star Hat (another free pattern, this one from Rainbow Knitting). The finished piece is very cute, but I didn’t pay attention to gauge, and with my tight knitting it turned out more of a watch cap than a beret, so I am planning to try this pattern again moving up several needle sizes and perhaps a yarn size as well. The decreases at the top of the hat keep the piece in the pattern stitch all the way to the end, which is a lovely touch.

I’m currently working on Tante Ehm’s Milanese Lace Topper (yes, another free pattern). I’ve changed the band a bit because I found it rolled as written, but the main lace stitch is great as it is.

Mind you, I have no objection to paying for a good pattern, but the ease of just printing a pattern off and getting in to the knitting is a pleasure when life is too full of complicated work-related projects.

And in that spirit, let me share a few more of the free hat patterns I’m hoping to knit up in the coming weeks.

Neon Ski Bonnet by Lacey Volk (though I’d skip the pom-pom).

Foliage Hat by Irina Dmitrieva.

Keila MaiMai’s Embossed Leaves Hat.

Nine Dwindling Cables by The Yarn Owl (note nice detailing on band).

Tiina Kuu’s Virtauskia.

And two of my absolute favorites, both of which I’ve already knit and which I suspect I’ll be knitting again and again and again—

Molly by Erin Ruth (more great decreases).

Jan Wise’s Slouchy Hat with Picot Edge(another great band).

My heartfelt thanks to all these designers for sharing their patterns so generously and giving me (and you!) a delightful way to forget about work and whip up something beautiful.

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