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Cats’ Halloween

Cats Halloween

Here are most of the cats in their Halloween gear. For some reason, Olive (one of the next-door cats) scampered off before the portrait was complete, but she was dressed as Severus Snape with very convincing set of fake teeth “ joker grillz” the combo was a little disturbing but I have to say it works! Perhaps we can convince her to pose later.

Back row, left to right: Bea as the “not pictured” square from a class portrait; Bob as Bea Arthur playing Maude (one of several “multi-depth” costumes—the cats really had a grand time of it this year); Maggie as Esther Williams; and Snacky from next door as Boris Badenov of the Rocky and Bullwinkle show.

Middle row, left to right: Sparky as cousin Teddy from Arsenic and Old Lace, who is a bit touched and thinks he’s the real Teddy Roosevelt; Damian as a Superconducting Super Collider (take a moment to look at the details—he really thought this one out); and Archy as Steve McGarrett from the original Hawaii Five-O (look out for Boris’s bomb!).

Front: Zuzu from next door as Sleeping Beauty (the real one, not the Disney one, she’ll have you know).

Note from Melissa: Olive had just runoff to chase a mouse; she came back just in time for the second photo.
Halloween cats 2

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