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In addition to Pea Vines, I’ve recently finished a Whirly Gig Scarf (free pattern from

Loopy scarf

This is one of those wonderful projects that just keeps one’s mind bubbling up with ideas while the knitting progresses. This scarf combines several interesting features:

• reversability
• knitting on the diagonal
• ruffles that don’t require an insane stitch count.

If you have 400 or so yarns of yarn lying about that have been waiting for a pattern, I suggest you cast on—and note that a variegated or self-striping yarn might work particularly well. As you knit, ask yourself, “what if…?”

For me that “what if” questions included
• What if I used a panel lace stitch instead of ribbing for the center of the scarf?
• What if I tried using a modified bell-shape for the ruffle?

This project left me wanting to play with swatching and graph paper. I suspect it will do the same for you.

P.S. The pattern calls for fingering weight yarn, but use whatever you want and adjust needle size as appropriate. I did mine in Malabrigo Worsted with size 8 needles.

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  1. Sarah-Hope – this scarf reminds me a LOT of the one you sent me for Christmas a year or 2 ago (and which I totally love & have gotten so many compliments on!) I really like the way it twists & has that frill along one edge. It reminds me a lot of frilly sea creatures – either an octopus or a sea slug. And the color-morphing yarn makes it even more spectacular. This new one is awesome, too! Nice work.

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