Hats, Hats, Hats

This is Harry Potter Weekend on tv, so I simply must sit and watch—but right now Goblet of Fire (my least favorite of the movies*) is showing, so I need a bit of entertainment on the side as well.

Earlier this afternoon, my friend Chris introduced me to the Hermione Hearts Ron hat pattern (inspired by a hat Hermione wears in the film version of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince), which is free on Ravelry. Which lead me to wonder what other worthwhile free hat patterns I’d missed on Ravelry. Which has now lead to a queue that’s bigger by 13 hat patterns. Besides Hermione Hearts Ron, there’s…

Gingerbread Hat
Basque Hat
Snowdrop Beret
Lauren Hat
Beaumonde-Inspired Hat
Hues of Lothlorien
Maze and Chevron Hat
Embossed Leaves Hat
Advent Pillar Beret
Cloud Braided Beret

*I really dislike the way Dumbledore’s role is scripted in Goblet. Early on, he tells the students that “eternal glory awaits the winner” of the the Tri-Wizzard Tournament, and he continues in the same vein for most of the film. Does that sound like Albus Dumbledore to you? Eternal glory? For winning a three-school competition? Albus Dumbledore? Throughout the picture, he comes across as a breathy little fan-boy. But the Albus Dumbledore I know has bigger, more important things on his mind. Voldemort’s out there. Harry has so much to learn. There are the hoarcruxes> I can’t help myself: I take these things seriously…

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  1. Super cute hats! Thank you.

    I too find Albus annoying in that film. But, I love the grand entrances of the two schools into the hall. Especially the breathy little thing the girls do. Giggle.

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