Just Saying…

If you do a Ravelry pattern search for

Availability: Free
Category: Fingerless
Craft: Knitting
Has Photo: Yes

You will find yourself with 62 pages of free fingerless mitt/glove patterns to peruse—which is how I’ve been spending my afternoon in between loads of laundry.

So my queue is now longer by eleven patterns (but it’s still under 20 pages!). I’ve been thinking about fingerless glove design lately—and while I know I can do it, I still feel a bit fuddled by the shaping. And by the business of writing such patterns up, with the marker placement and the increases, and the need for separate, mirror-image patterns for the two hands.

I suspect that the best way to do it may be to work out a template for charting, which I what I did when I first wanted to play with sock design. When I made sock charts, I’d do an ankle/leg chart, a heel chart, then a foot chart. In this case, I’d want an arm/wrist chart, then a set of front of hand, thumb gusset, and back of hand charts. The hands would then be nothing more than two rectangles with a growing triangle between them, and that would give me a surface for playing with stitches—and wouldn’t it be fun to think up something interesting for that thumb triangle?

Just in case you are compulsive, like me, here are links to the patterns I queued.

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