Tuesday Mewsday: As Happy as He Knew How

Mortimer in January

Scaredy Cat, the ancient, crabby, trembly, stomping, yet somehow hopeful cat has left us. He wasn’t ours really. He belonged to neighbors who live around the corner, but for years he’s spent most of his time in Chris’s (and our) yard. Chris put in the 10 years or so it took to get him to the point where he didn’t cower if you glanced his way, so Melissa and I have been able to enjoy his dyspeptic, ever-at-a-distance company.

He was not one to sit on laps. He did not flirt or frolic. But he liked to sit nearby while there were knitters in the yard. And he had the courage to come closer if there were treats in the offing. In fact, in the last few months he’d actually started to demand a pet or two before digging in to his dinner. It took a long time, but in his later years he was as happy as he knew how to be.

Mortimer in May

He is buried under his beloved bird bath/water dish.

Mortimer in May

Our world feels diminished without him.

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  1. Oh, my Man. How he loved our Sunday evening BBQs. The first sound of Peter uncovering the ‘cheezburger machine’ and he’d be there. Impatiently waiting for his portion. He never understood the concept of cooking or waiting for it to cool off. He’d beg food from any guest we had. It took a few years for him to believe they weren’t attacking him when the food was put on the deck. Grilling won’t be the same without my Scaredy Cat.

  2. Bless his little kitty heart. Rest in Peace Scaredy Cat.

    Bless you for being patient and kind to a cat who needed the space as well as the affection you gave him.

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