Last summer I was a test-knitter for Thea’s Collins sweater (that’s Thea of Babycocktails). I was a bad test-knitter. A bad one.

I had most of it knit—fronts, back, sleeves. Then the weather got hot; I went limp; I couldn’t bear to pick up the alpaca I was knitting it in. I needed to seam it before I could work the collar—and if there’s one thing I dislike almost as much as a heat wave, it’s seaming.

Long story short: the sweater is finally finished (about ten months late), and I’m happy with the final product. Thea’s design is great. The cables give it this sort of richness and abundance that’s perfect for a garment designed for autumn-into-winter wear. The tie waist is cute, cute cute.

Sweater, front

Sweater, back

I am a bad test-knitter. But Thea is a great designer. And this is a wonderful sweater.

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