Tuesday Mewsday: Boogie Black Cat Ops

Question: how many of you have taken the time to figure out what your cats’ IDs would be if they had to be protected by the secret service? It could happen. These are dangerous times, you know.

And what if the cats want to go out clubbing? What names will they go by then? Summer is coming and the cats love the nightlife, you know.

Well, Melissa and I have it figured out.

The Glare
Archy Fidel Katz
Secret Service Name: Romeo
Club Name: Arch Meister Flash

Maggie looking fabulous
Maggie Glorianna Moo-Woozle
Secret Service Name: Tiny Dancer or Filibuster (bet you can’t guess where the second one came from)
Club Name: Lady Woozle

Damian suffers terribly from ennui
Damian Vaslav M. Presario Pantalones de Queso ¡Y Qué!
Secret Service Name: OJ
Club Name: Jiggy Puss (this photo does not do his jiggyness justice)

Bob's signature look
H. Bob-Jaques Pelerin
Secret Service Name: Mariner (sleeps on the neighbors’ boat) or Rasta (we’re having some grooming issues just now)
Club Name: Puff-Puff Daddy

Enough, you darn paparazzi
Beatrice Grasshopper Schwartz-Noir
Secret Service Name: Enigma
Club Name: You have got to be kidding.

Sparky, Handsome Lad
Spartacus Gladstone Keeper
Secret Service Name: The Brick
Club Name: DJ Clump

Timmy getting a pet
Miss Timmy Belle Bon Chance (who is officially Chris’s cat, but who shares the yard with our cats—or rather, who tolerates our cats in her yard)
Secret Service Name: Warrior Princess
Club Name: Not on your life.

Then there’s Mortimer, our truculent senior citizen who eschews the paparazzi.
Secret Service Name: Groundhog (because you can guess what happens when he sees his own shadow)
Club Name: Grump Master Grump

Really, if you live with cats, these are the sorts of things you need to know.

3 Replies to “Tuesday Mewsday: Boogie Black Cat Ops”

  1. OMG, what wonderful photos, what wonderful catsies, and what wonderful names!

    Not sure which I like best (ie the names) but I’m ineluctably drawn to the two black cats, Archie and Beatrice. They remind me of our dear black cat, (inspiringly named Blackie) who died last year, sob. And they’re so cool!

  2. every time I rediscover your blog in my bookmarks I am either highly impressed or highly amused 🙂 good job on the unique awesomeness

    I thank-you for this and ask you to keep it up

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