Tuesday Mewsday: Nap Time

I admire cats for many reasons, but I particularly envy them their ability to sleep. As the quotation goes—I have never known one to suffer from insomnia. They sleep atop things; they sleep upside down; they sleep wedged into the most uncomfortable of corners.

Here’s Maggie who was having a delightful belly-up snooze the other day.
Maggie catches some zzzz's
(You can tell she’s really relaxed because normally she doesn’t allow the paparazzi to get this near her.)

And here’s Bob, drinking up a bit of our winter sun.
Bob catches some zzzz's

I’m not sure there’s a more complete happiness to be had anywhere in the world.

3 Replies to “Tuesday Mewsday: Nap Time”

  1. Such sweet kitty pix! The kitty shots are adorable. Sometimes I think about getting a little cat again but, really, one little dog with vet bills is enough for me.

    There is a dog named Nugget who lives in Colorado who can really flake out well.

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