Melissa has been helping me catch up on some of my finished pieces that hadn’t been photographed off the blocking boards.

First the cropped eyelet cardi that I test knit for The Andi Pants. For this picture, Melissa said “Pretend you’re playing castenets!” That’s Maggie down at my feet helping.
Eyelet sweater being modeled

And here I am with Mortimer (aka Scaredy Cat) who officially lives around the corner and over the fence, but who likes to join our knitting afternoons.
Eyelet sweater being modeled

Here’s Victorine, which Bob was helping to block recently. The yarn is Henry’s Attic Alpaca Marl.

And detail. One great aspect of this shawl it that it’s knit from the point up, so it works with pretty much any amount/gauge of yarn.
Victoire detail

An Ulmus that I knit for Melissa out of Malabrigo Sock and Berocco Ultra Alpaca.

And two detail shots—the slipped stitch pattern makes this shawl extra bouncy and mixes the colors wonderfully.
Ulmus detail

Ulmus detail

Finally, here’s Skuld. I loved this knit. I’m loving the second knit in the Norns series—and I’ve already signed up for the fall three-pattern subscription which will be for shawls inspired by world heritage sites.

We are off now for a camping > Shakespeare festival > beach retreat vacation. I took great care to bring plenty of yarns and patterns, but I’m already finding out that the yarn I’ve brought isn’t necessarily suitable for the pattern I chose. Oh well, maybe I’ll have to bu some more.

5 Replies to “Voila!”

  1. Such beautiful things! You’re inspiring me.

    Also, I think finger castanets should be obligatory in all knitware modelling shots. 😉

  2. I don’t have castenets, but I do have a tambourine for sale in my shop! Should I pull it out & send it to you for future modeling? 🙂
    Oh! And I also have a belly-dancing-style ankle bracelet with all the little bells on it. I could turn you into a modeling gypsy in no time!
    I don’t think I have any camping gear, tho. Have a fun trip!

  3. Oh my! Such a cute little sweater! And, it’s much later – the middle of fall semester – and you haven’t told us whether or not the knitting you took was enough, or if you found fab little shops, while at the festival, to buy more yarn. Well, did you? 😉 I bet you did.

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