Another Test-Knit

Here’s my nearly done Cropped Eyelet Cardigan, a test-knit for The Andi Pants.
Eyelet sweater being blocked
It’s knit in Sierra, a cotton-wool blend from Cascade. I bought a bag of this yarn quite a while ago from Little Knits, when I hadn’t been knitting long and assumed I’d prefer cotton yarns, since I prefer cotton clothes. But then I learned what pretty much every knitter knows—wool yarns bounce in the hand, but cotton yarns feel hard and can hurt to work with. So the Sierra had been sitting neglected in my stash until the opportunity for this test-knit came up. Since the original was in Sierra, I figured I’d better use mine, even if I did feel a bit trepidacious.

To put it simply, I fell in love. The mix of fibers (80% cotton/20% wool) is just magic. It feels like cotton on the skin, but there’s just enough wool in it to keep my hands from getting sore as I work with it. This will definitely be one of my go-to yarns in the future.

And back to the test-knit.
Eyelet sweater, detail
Isn’t this detailing lovely? Now I’ve just got to sew the buttons on. We aren’t having sweater weather right now, but this sweater will be getting a lot of use come fall.

Once the pattern is widely available, I’ll post an update and a link.

P.S. If you’re interested, Andi has a nice review of several cotton-blend yarns she tried on this sweater over at her blog.

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  1. The sweater is awesome! I do love the detail — and I’ve used Sierra in the past as well and found it to be an amazing cotton – the girls’ each have a hot pink sweater and each wore if for years. It’s a great yarn.

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