The School Year that Ate Me Alive…

… is now over. (Mostly.)

I have a glorious summer stretched out in front of me with nothing much planned but sitting in the shade of an apple tree and knitting for hours every day.

In my initial bliss I’m pulling out various projects that I got bogged down on. I’m sure you know the kind I mean—the ones that really are worth finishing, but that are going to require some tweaking or frogging or other fuddlements and frustrations before they’ll be done.

Yesterday I pulled out an Ulmus that I’d stopped working on when I discovered halfway through the leaf edging that I did not, in fact, have a second skein of that red-black Berroco Alpaca Fina that I was sure was hiding in my stash somewhere. My friend Chris was good enough to pick up another skein for me at a shop over in San Jose, but it was a different dye lot, and the difference really showed, so I spent the better part of a baseball game ripping out the old edging, carefully picking up the 270-odd stitches, then hand-winding the new skein of yarn so I could begin knitting. The edging has 34 rows. I was on row 22 when I ran out the first time—now I’ve worked my way back to row 19.

After this project is done, I’ve got a Swing Cardigan most of the way done in a yummy, yummy henna green Elsebeth Lavold Baby Llama. I stopped working on that one when I hit the neck bind-off. Not that a neck bind-off is rocket science, but just that I was so exhausted every day when I got home from work that I didn’t trust myself not to make a complete mess of it. After the neck bind-off, it’s just underarm seams and button bands. Hooray!

Glorious, glorious summer. Yes, I have to calculate grades and write narrative evaluations, but it’s literally months until I have to be in front of a class again. And after the last set of essays is marked, I won’t face another pile of those until late September.

Let the knitting begin!