Tuesday Mewsday: It’s Bob!

You may remember the story of Bob (aka Henry), who appeared as a stray, but turned out to have a home elsewhere. Well, we humans may say Bob has a home elsewhere, but Bob is having none of it. Seven times now—seven!—since we first returned him to his human “mom,” he has made the one-mile trip back to us.

Part of the issue seems to be that his mom moved from a house to an apartment, and apartment living does not agree with Bob. He prefer the nautical life, which in his case means living under a tarp on the boat in our neighbor’s driveway.

Bob’s favorite pastime is staring at Melissa’s door in hopes of food. When mealtime gets close, he’s right up beside it, staring, staring, staring, and doing little pull-ups so he can peer through the window that’s set in the top half of it.

But even when mealtime is a long way off and he’s puttering about the yard, he keeps an eye out for Melissa, just in case. As bringer-of-food, she occupies a particularly large place in his fluffy little heart.

Take a look at the picture below. Can you spot Bob? He’s right there, staring up at the bedroom window and hoping for a treat.

Bob?  What Bob?