Springtime: When Knitters’ Thoughts Turn to Blocking

We had a bit of sun at the end of January, so Chris and I were quick to pull out the pins and blocking mats. Blocking on the porchGoing clockwise from upper left:

• My Aestlight knit in Crazy Zauberball, the teal/brown colorway—this picture doesn’t do the color justice. We’ll have to do another photo shoot now that it’s unpinned to share it in its full glory.

• The Saroyan I knit in Outback Wool for my mom as a Christmas gift—which has become a Valentine gift since I’ve been sick all winter.

• A cozy little ruffled moss stitch shawl in a pattern I made up off the top of my head last January, while we were on our road trip delivering Penny to her new home. The yarn is from a small, independent dyer out of Fresno—Barking Dog.

• Chris’s Labyrinth—a magnificent piece of work and an exercise in faith, as she knit the whole thing from written instructions and couldn’t really see whether the pathway was correct until she finished. It was!

None of these count for 10 Shawls in 2010, but I did finish a piece that will count as shawl #2: an Autumn Lace Scarf in Malabrigo Sock.

Blocking the leafy scarf

5 Replies to “Springtime: When Knitters’ Thoughts Turn to Blocking”

  1. They look so cool with the colored blocks below! I have Aestlight in my basket, just need to cast on – I love it. And it looks easy enough for me….

    Was just thinking about you – Zoe is wearing Maya’s Santa Cruz hat these days and it was the topic of conversation on the playground the other day -people always love that hat – as I do — it may be my favorite hat pattern EVER.

  2. I am a senior knitter relearning forgotten knitting skills, and decided to try your silk-merino leaf lace hat from “Luxury Yarn One Skein Wonders” (2008) for my daughter. Chart #1 and #2 has been completed and am wondering if chart #3 has caused others any difficulties. I might add I learned to knit when all patterns were in written form, not charted.


  3. The stitches key on the leaf lace hat has an error, which may account for your troubles with chart 3. The carat symbol, ^, should be worked, slip 2 together knit-wise, knit 1, pass both slipped stitches over. The key incorrectly instructs knitters to slip just 1 stitch each time.

    For what it is worth, I did submit my pattern for the book with accurate charts. The errors was inserted on the publishing end.

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