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I have bug #3 of the winter: the mildest so far, but it feels worse than it is because I am absolutely at the limit of my patience in the health category. The problem with being a teacher is that it pretty much requires being around students, who live in dormitories that are great cesspools of disease, and those students, they do insist on breathing, and, with air circulation and all, you have no chance whatsoever of remaining healthy come winter.

I have, however, persevered, and between opening new boxes of tissues, I have made it about two-thirds of the way around on my Vine Yoke Cardigan. Right front, done. Right, sleeve, done. Back, done. Left sleeve, in progress. I am so delighted that the sewing-up at the end will be minimal.

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  1. Ah, yes. When I was in law school I typically sat near the front, deep in the well of amphitheater seating and would cringe as I heard all the coughing, sneezing, and snuffling going on behind and above me. I became fanatical about washing my hands between each class and whether it helped or I was just lucky I managed to avoid getting sick more than a couple times during those three years. Now, however, I have secondary contact with a small child –first she gets sick from whatever is going around school, then her parents (my co-workers) get sick, and then I get sick. It is usually milder by the time I get it but I completely understand the erosion of patience with illness.

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