Knitting Olympics

I’ve signed up for the Knitting Olympics over at the Yarn Harlot’s page. My project: Ysolda Teague’s Vine Yoke Cardigan from a back “issue” of Twist Collective. I’m using two bags of Sierra Aran in a deep, deep heathered purple that I picked up from Elann. I’m a bit nervous about whether the circular yoke will make my shoulders look big, but I’m hoping the dark color will help minimize that possibility.

I’m knitting a size up, hoping that will make the sweater a bit swingier. By my calculations, I’ll need 16 skeins for the project (91-yard skeins), which means I’ll need to knit a bit more than a skein’s worth a day to have time for finishing before the flame is extinguished. I’m almost to the point where I’ll be starting skein 4, so things look good.

I’m enjoying this project immensely. No stockinette! Interesting sideways constructions, with a lace stitch at both ends of the circular needles to keep things interesting, and regular wrap-and-turns to accomplish the shaping. The pattern is very clearly written—and in a huge range of sizes. I can recommend it without reservation. Ysolda Teague is absolutely brilliant—I can imagine working up one of these in one’s own size. But to write it up in 14 different sizes? Wowza!

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