Tuesday Mewsday: Winter Comes on Little Cat Feet

Or, at any rate, the little cat feet (with the rest of the cat attached) come in in winter. We’ve had our first few genuinely cold nights in the last two weeks and suddenly my generally indifferent cats are becoming marginally affectionate.

I know that Sparky and Bea love me, but their usual way of showing it is by sitting 10 or 15 feet away from me with their backs politely turned purring contentedly.

Now that winter’s here, Bea’s spending a bit more time on the bed and Sparky is actually cuddling. He radiates an unbelievable amount of heat, so I often wind up tossing upper covers aside in an attempt to achieve a happy average of too hot/too cold. Surprisingly enough, it works.

One Reply to “Tuesday Mewsday: Winter Comes on Little Cat Feet”

  1. I have a leaning greyhound, who keeps trying to climb onto my lap…not for affection, he is just treading on me because I am warm and part of the sofa! He is 32 KG tall, and 30 inches to his shoulder…way to big for a lap dog.

    By the way, just noticed, that for some reason What If Knits was not on my blog roll, what happened then? Did you change addresses at some point?
    I get that sometimes, think I have politely excahnged with someone who reads my blog occasionally, only to find they got chopped off somehow.

    I don’t court comments, not like some folk who put provocative questions out there to get a response, however I am always eternally grateful for people that do pop over occasionally which I know you do.


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