Twist Collective

The new Twist Collective is up, and once again I’m impressed, both by the quality of the designs and the quality of the production.

My faves:

Tanit’s Jacket (Gudrun Johnston) is a marvel of simplicity and beauty. No fol-de-rol, no frippery, just a great stitch and plain, engaging lines.

Manderley (Rosemary Hill) shows what a good designer can do with variations on a single stitch. Take a look at how the pattern evolves from one long end of that shawl to the other.

And if I were to pick one piece from this issue that I would love to have for my own, it would be Kelmscott (Carol Sunday). I’m imagining mine in a sage-y green alpaca with just a hint of yellow undertone—something to remind me of spring in the middle of winter.

Also worth checking out:

The cool shaping on Dryad. The Breakfast-at-Tiffany’s elegance of Farinelli. Don’t miss the articles while you’re at it!

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  1. What a beautiful site that is. Thanks for blogging about it.

    Tanit’s jacket is just the sort of short little jacket I’m looking for. Dryad is gorgeous, too. Thanks!

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