Tues, No Mews

It’s that cruel season just before winter break when I’m in charge of the big writing placement test on campus. We’ve had 847 students write essay exams over the past few days. 22 of us do all the scoring. Each exam has to be read and scored twice. About 30-40% wind up needing a third read. And the minute that’s over, we’ll get 300 or so portfolios from students who don’t pass based on the exam. I have to do the math, since I’m in charge of doling everything out, but I’m doing my best to forget exactly how much we’re all having to plow though and am just trying to keep plunging on ahead until it’s all done.

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  1. Sounds grim, S-H. If it’s any consolation, my older daughter (a university lecturer in Sociology/Gender studies) has to deal with the same sort of stuff. Gaah. X

  2. Oh God, I wish I could write…..I just fall at the first hurdle, as I honestly do not know what people like to read.

    But I love reading….have just finished
    Accordian Crimes By Annie Proulx, what a fantastic writer she is in the Amercian tradition.

    Am currently reading The Suspicions of Mr Whicher, a factual account of an actual detective country house murder mystery, a real and strange case. Most of our detective fiction from Charles Dickens to Wilkie Collins is based on this account, so many references to be found that led to The Moonstone and The Woman in White…..This book was recommended by Sara Waters also a good mystery writer (Fingersmith and Affinity) she is the partner of my friend’s sister, and was asked to review this book and was blown away by its importance. It is documentary style, and real, but so like a Victorian or Edwardian novel…you would not believe!

    Do read if you have time, or recommend on your writing courses if you don’t know about it. I overlooked it because I prefer fiction….but as they say fact can be stranger than fiction.

    By the way, I do like this blog, is it WordPress then? I might move to them as it is so much better.

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