You Will Know the Truth and the Truth… Will Make You Rip Out Five Inches of Sock Leg

Every knitter should have a friend like Chris—the friend who knows exactly how to balance gentle encouragement with a commitment to pointing out your knitterly failings and forcing you to confront them. Chris is my go-to friend when I find myself staring at a project and wondering “ok—can I live with this or is it truly hideous?”

We generally agree about my small mistakes. I’ll point out a spot where I’ve knit a stitch instead of purling, and she’ll say “Nobody’s going to notice that,” which is just what I was thinking myself.

But she’s particularly helpful in speaking the truth when my inner wishful-thinking voices are going on and on about how “this’ll look better after another fifty rows/I turn the heel/I do the irrevocable fancy-pants bind-off.” Part of me knows that those voices lie. Big time. And it doesn’t help that I’m a confirmed non-swatcher. I’ll write up a pattern for a sock or a shawl and just sit down and start knitting with my wishful-thinking voices nattering on about “well, if it doesn’t come out the way you hope, it will come out like something,” and “there’s no such thing as a completely useless knit.” I look at my knitting and listen to those voices and…I want to believe.

It’s in those moments that I go to Chris because I know she will tell me the truth I’m trying not to hear. Sometimes it’s “that’s the wrong yarn for that stitch.” Other times it’s “changing needle sizes five times on a single sock really isn’t practical.”

Yesterday it was “the front of that sock is gorgeous… but the back doesn’t work at all.”

I knew that truth already, but I would have turned the heel and knit the foot and gotten clear down to the toe decreases before I would have admitted it to myself. This evening as I unravel five inches of sock leg and rechart the entire pattern, I will be thinking to myself, “Thank goodness for friends like Chris!”

2 Replies to “You Will Know the Truth and the Truth… Will Make You Rip Out Five Inches of Sock Leg”

  1. It’s good to have a friend like Chris. But I didn’t even need that kind of friend to know, all by myself, after knitting 75 grams of Noro Sock, that I’d chosen the wrong stitch pattern. Denial eventually fails…

    Looking forward to seeing what you come up with, instead!

  2. Wow! Thanks. You make it sound like a virtue rather than a shortcoming to be unable to lie. Hey. I could start a business! “Unvarnished Truth”

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