Tuesday Mewsday: Bobitha Grace Stubbins

We can’t exactly decide what the cat count is in the yard. Miss Timmy is definitely a resident. Mortimer isn’t a resident, but he loves us best and we love him. Mooch is—well, Mooch. We know he has a home, but he’s nonetheless ubiquitous. Then there’s Bobitha, Bobitha Grace Stubbins.

She’s been hanging out for several months now and we’ve gotten to the point where we feed her twice a day when we feed Timmy. We also give her treats when she asks, which is frequently.

We have no idea whether she has another home, but resistance in the face of her cuteness is futile. These pictures do not do her justice. She has a bobtail (hence, her name), a sweet little stripe down the middle of her nose, extra-long whiskers, curly ear tufts, and big, fluffy feet. How can one deny a cat like that anything?



Reasons for thinking she has another home:
• she usually manages to stay dry in wet weather
• long fur that is unmatted
• a willingness to be combed and relatively few fleas

Reasons for thinking she has no home but ours:
• she is always around for meals, including 4 a.m. breakfast on the days Melissa is working
• no collar
• a definite improvement in the softness of her coat since we started feeding her
• she is not putting on excess weight, which one would expect if she had food at another home in addition to what we give her

Frankly, I rather hope we are her home, even though another cat is the last thing we need. I absolutely dote the girl.

2 Replies to “Tuesday Mewsday: Bobitha Grace Stubbins”

  1. These are not beauty shots. Trust me, Bob is a cat of great beauty and grace and does not appreciate the paparazzi shots of her stuffing her face. We will try to get a shot of her sunning herself in her lawn chair (of course she has one) or working (hunting for the Great Red Squirrels). Or maybe even one where she has her cute on begging for her Temptations.

  2. Wow – this is the 1st I’ve heard of Bobitha! She IS a pretty girl. You guys are going to end up being like the stable I used to keep my horse at – with 20-something cats lolling about. At least that tends to keep the vermin at bay. Good luck with the kitty commune!

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