Tuesday Mewsday: Bobitha Grace, Continued

Here are some better pictures of Bobitha Grace Stubbins—

Look at her long, long whiskers.

And the pretty little line down the center of her nose.

Not to mention her darling tail.
Bobitha at the door

On Sunday we put a collar on her with a note taped to it, asking her owners (if they exist) to give us a call so we will know she has a home. So far, no calls. Melissa’s latest theory is that she is living in the boat in a neighbor’s driveway. It’s tarped, so it would provide shelter, and she often appears from that direction when she comes to join us.

Part of me doesn’t want her to have a home because I am completely smitten with her and want her to live with us, but the truth of the matter is that we’re pretty much up to capacity on cats. If she doesn’t have a home, we’ll need to find one for her—and I just can’t imagine never getting to see her sweet little face again.

Maybe I should be hoping she does have a home. That way I could just enjoy her visits without fretting about whether she’s getting the care she needs and whether she’s crowding out the yard cats that do officially live here.

3 Replies to “Tuesday Mewsday: Bobitha Grace, Continued”

  1. She’s lovely. I love that little tabby ‘M’ on her forehead. I wish I could take her but we are at capacity. Or so Mr. Beentsy tells me. 🙁

  2. She is one lovely little girl! Reminds me a lot of my own little Dressie, but lighter in color. Have you tried advertising at vet’s offices? She’s seems so sweet & non-wild. Maybe she just got lost & someone’s looking for her.

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