The pics show them blocking, but they’re unpinned now and ready for use.

First up is Damson, knit out of Zauberball. Doesn’t that red edging make it pop?
Blocking the shawl
Blocking the shawl
This will probably be a Christmas present for my sister, but I have to show it to her ahead of time to see what she thinks. She’s not much of a shawl person—and if she honestly thinks she wouldn’t use it, I’d much rather keep it for myself.

And then there’s Abendwind, in the lovely peacock blue shade of Jojoland Melody that I’m currently obsessed with. (I can happily report that I got a call from my LYS yesterday saying the full bag I’d ordered has arrived.)
Blocking the shawl
I am going to have to design something special out of this yarn. Right now I’m thinking stole, and I have a few good ideas I need to swatch.

The fichu is coming along as well. Only fifty more repeats of the 12-row lace edging.

3 Replies to “Shawls!”

  1. Beautiful shawls, and beautifully blocked!

    I have Damson in my queue, but I haven’t come across the Abendwind pattern before. You really must post of photo of your Damson, minus the colourful blocking boards! I’ve knitted some socks in that same shade of Zauberball, but I didn’t realise the colour repeats would work as well as that in a larger item. X

  2. Beautiful! It took me a minute to realize that the Damson wasn’t supposed to have all of those extra colors in it…that would be one wild shawl!

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