More Self-Striping Shawls

I’ve been spending a bit more time on Ravelry, poking about and looking at single-skein shawls/shoulderettes for self-striping yarns like Zauberball, Poems Sock, and Jojoland Melody.

Gail (Nightsongs) looks absolutely spectacular in self-striping yarn—completely different from the original project shown on Ravelry. The stitch pattern has a leaf-like shape that really pops in bright autumn colors. Look at the projects page for this pattern on Ravelery to see the possibilities or just google the pattern title and do some blog hopping to find variations.

Like Gale, Springtime Bandit is shown on Ravelry in a rather subtle yarn (plain grey in this case), but it’s another great candidate for self-striping yarn. The color chnges make the transitions between the stitch patterns really stand out.

Technically, Ulmus isn’t a single-skein pattern, as it uses two skeins to get some colorplay going, but who among us couldn’t find a coordinating skein in her stash? This pattern looks simple enought to work as meeting/travel knitting, but I think the color changes would keep it from getting dull.

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    You’re my favorite ‘non-biological sister’!!

    May you get everything you wish for (especially rain).

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