If Only Life Didn’t Get in the Way

Imagine a knitter’s paradise—

Fresh, healthy food (non-staining) delivered regularly, Knitters’ sippy cups for the red wine to keep it off the fiber, a treadmill that goes slowly enough for knitting garter stitch, a huge library of books on tape and DVDs, cats that snuggle up to one, but don’t play with yarn, and a stash closet as big as the wardrobe containing Narnia, and—oh yes—regular deposits to the checking account from an unknown benefactor who’s a fiber arts enthusiast.

Instead, I’m at work, prepping a class (writing this post is just a quick break), doing my best to maintain a sense of purpose and tranquility even though I have not knit since 10 last night, and I will not get to knit a stitch until at least 3 this afternoon. (17 hours without needles in hand!)

But I can report that Damson is done and awaiting blocking, and I have just 18 rows left to go on Abendwind.

P.S. Have you seen Eve? Amazing! You may want to poke around the site, she’s got some wonderful things going on with gloves.

2 Replies to “If Only Life Didn’t Get in the Way”

  1. I like your paradise — I’d add a fireplace and some other knitters, and it’s perfect. Eve is gorgeous! The green, the beads, the diagonal design… Can’t wait to see some knit up.

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