Tuesday Mewsday: The Cats of Summer

Today’s the All-Star game, and even the cats are getting into the spirit.
Timmy's baseball card
That’s Miss Timmy, aka Little Timmy Fast Paw, the closer on the baseball team Melissa and I are forming, the Whatif Puddin’s. We’re still short a few players, so we figured we’d give you an update and see if your have any prospects to help round out our roster. To sweeten the deal, we’ll send one of Miss Timmy’s cards to anyone who proposes an addition to our team. Cats only! No dogs, gerbils, ferrets, budgies, or rabbits. (Although Archy says he wouldn’t mind a gerbil or a budgie—wink, wink!)

First off, pitching:
We’re a bit short-handed here. We’ve got Little Timmy Fast Paw, who’ll keep the team ahead in the ninth. Archy “Mad Eye” Katz will lead off our rotation, but after that we’re coming up empty. We could use another four pitchers for our rotation–and a few more good paws for the bullpen.

We’re hoping to draft Penny from Seattle for the season. Nothing got by her back when she lived at my house (particularly not other ctas), so we think she’ll do a fine job covering the plate. We need an additional cat (large paws preferred) to act as back-up catcher.

Sparky will be playing first. We’re putting Oliver from next door at short—first because she is short, but also because with her crush on Sparky she’ll jump at every chance to “make a play” with him. We’re also sounding out my friend Ellen to see if her cat, Toonces, wants to be our utility infielder. He’s the kind of cat who’s at home all over the place (the entire neighborhood is his fan base), so we think he’ll be able to work comfortably at a variety of positions. That leaves us still looking for second and third base.

Bea “The Black Hole” Schwartz-Noir will be playing right field. That way she can keep an eye on her nemesis Sparky. We expect she’ll suck in balls with the efficiency of a singularity. Damian “Mr. Whippy” will be playing center. (We confess that we told him he’s at center because he’s the center of the game—but it’s really because we think he’ll do the least damage out there.) That leaves us in need of a left fielder and a utility outfielder as well, just in case Damian strains his tail or knocks out one of his teammate’s teeth in a wild gallupmh toward the ball.

Designated Hitter:
Neither Melissa nor I believe in the DH, but it doesn’t hurt to be prepared. We’re thinking the neighborhood scrounge, Mooch, will be just the fellow to “clean up” at the plate.

Maggie “Ma” Moo-Woozle will be our equipment manager. She can use her excellent wood-furniture-destroying skills to customize the players’ bats. We’re making Mortimer, who lives in terror of pretty much everything (I thinks he’s afraid of nothing, too, so far as that goes), third-base coach. That way he can focus on just yelling “Run! Run! Run!” Positions still open: coach, first-base coach, pitching coach, and trainer.

So—if you have cats who are ready to play ball, send us their stats. We promise them a full-season contract with a no-trade clause.

P. S. In case you hadn’t guessed, the artwork comes courtesy of Melissa. You can see her art here and read her blog here.

6 Replies to “Tuesday Mewsday: The Cats of Summer”

  1. OMG! Too adorable for words. First off, by having 1/3 ownership in, if not the team, at least Miss Timmy, I would like to request a Miss Timmy card. But, to sweeten the deal, I would like to offer up Bob (another neighborhood cat) for left field (I don’t know the skills needed, but I want a card!) Also, if we are playing in ‘Field of Dreams’ I will sign up my baby Rocky as catcher. He could catch ANYthing. Flying, on the ground, even sub-terranian!!
    Excellent work Melissa!

  2. You “don’t believe” in the DH? What is he – Santa Claus? The Easter Bunny? Now those are 2 things you truly may be able to make that statement about…

    Anyway – I’d like to offer up my little Miss Dressie as supply manager. She can hock up a ball faster that you can yell “Yer OUT!” Of course – it will be made of hair, but in this league, I suspect that will A-OK. But if you don’t want her for supply manager, then don’t ask her for anything, cause that’s what she’s best at – nothing.
    Can I get a Timmy card? 🙂 It’s very cute.

  3. I nominate Tuna, the little cat with very big paws for a field. She’s a great catcher on the fly..

    She’s my kid’s cat, or one of them. We think she’s part cooncat but on the small size. She lost part of her tale to a roommate named Shadow who probably chowed down on it one late night. What a dust up that was.

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