Tuesday Mewsday: Literary Cats

Sometimes I write blog posts; sometimes they are bestowed upon me. Check out this email from Chris, musing on the cats’ literary counterparts:

Damian—hastily chooses Dr. Seuss but gives himself a migraine thinking of a rhyme for orange. Decides on e e cummings because he thinks it’s hip to write your name in lower case.

Queen Bea- Jane Austen. The sarcasm and insults are so beautifully written you barely know you’re being insulted!

Sparky- Ernest Hemingway before his mental health issues. Or perhaps Robert Louis Stevenson.

Archy- F Scott Fitzgerald

Maggie The Cat- Agatha Christie

ScaredyCat- a ghost writer of course

Miss Timmy- As herself of course. Part of her book tour to promote her autobiography “Little Orphan Timmy: My Rags to Riches Story”

So, who would your cats be–and why?

2 Replies to “Tuesday Mewsday: Literary Cats”

  1. I’m surprised no one picked T.S. Eliot, none of that wasteland stuff, but Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats has got to be on there.

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