I Will Not Title This Entry “Sock It to Me”

So here’s photographic evidence of sock knitting.

First up, the socks from Knitting Vintage Socks.
Socks and prints
These are hanging in Meliss’a studio with some of her works-in-progress. (They look a bit puckery on their own, but are gorgeous on.)

Once I finished that pair, I decided it was time to make sure I really understood sock architecture, so I knit up this pair for Melissa without looking at any patterns or books. (I did phone my friend Chris to double check my plans before I began turning the heel.)
Melissa's socks

After that I knit up a pair of Hydrangea socks from The Ecclectic Sole, but I rewrot the pattern some.
Socks and flowers
My changes:
• continued the “stems” down the back of the heel as slip stitches
• worked the gusset stitches in purl to match the rest of the sock
• worked the twisted ribbing around the entire foot
Doing all this was fun and confidence-building. I liked solving the little puzzles the changes presented. I’d recommend that anyone who wants to learn a bit about socks try making a few design modification when they knit a pair.

You’ll also note the single green toe I added as I was running out of yarn. It tickles me to know I’ll have that hidden inside my shoe when I wear these beauties.

3 Replies to “I Will Not Title This Entry “Sock It to Me””

  1. Whoa! I think I’ve been rather like you, Sarah-Hope, in not quite ‘getting’ the joys of sock knitting before, but luckily you’ve got over it! I still haven’t! I knit socks under duress…

    Your socks look lovely!

  2. Wow… I like the green toe. It is like a secret in your shoe. All your socks are beautiful but I especially like the middle one.

  3. Socks loverly socks! Boy that colorway on top looks very familiar to me. hehe. Love that green toe, and must try it, too. Purple though for me, that’s a left over from another sock. First sock actually.

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