Too Clever for My Own Good

I am slogging my way through one of my own sock patterns. Slogging because in a fit of let’s-make-socks-fit-for-the-queen madness I threw in just about every trick I could think of: twisted stitches, twisted crosses, wraps, lace. One the first go round Friday, I dropped a stitch after working 32 rounds and, after a long stretch of muttering and puttering, admitted I was not going to be able to fix things and just pulled out the needles and undid the whole thing. Yesterday, I had better luck and made it all the way to the heel flap. To get the look I want on the slip stitches, I’m having to slip them as if purling through the back loop.

Is this a lovely design coming to its realization or is it just baroque madness? (“Too many notes in it,” as the king said to Mozart in Amadeus.)