Knitting Along, Sock-Wise and a Request

As part of our personal summer of socks, Chris and I are both knitting up Rivendell from Janel Laidman’s The Eclectic Sole (that’s a Ravelry link; you can also see a thumbnail of this sock on the designer’s web site).
Eclectic Sole
Chris is making hers in a gorgeous bright pink (color 25) of Happy Feet from Plymouth. I’m going with Dream in Color’s Smooshy in the Strange Harvest colorway. On their web page this color looks bright, but it’s more of a deep poison green with some gold and orange running through it.

The top of the sock has clusters of wrapped stitches, which require a fair bit of fiddling, but once you get past those they fly along.

I would definitely recommend this book to other sock knitters, though it probably wouldn’t be a good choice for beginners. The patterns have some errors in them, so one has to stop and puzzle a bit to get things to work smoothly. That said, the designs are interesting and varied and involve a variety of construction techniques (top-down, toe-up, sideways).

Janel Laidmen has another book coming out this fall that Chris and I are both looking forward to: The Enchanted Soul. The patterns from this book are currently for individual sale, but we want the whole lot. If you’re on Ravelry, you can check them out, as she’s been posting them one or two at a time.


I spent a few hours this evening reworking the Pangea Shawl pattern into a single document. Melissa will work her layout magic on it, and I should have it posted before long. We’re also doing a new photo shoot of the blue version using the Curious Creek yarn, as we just don’t feel it’s been done justice yet.


As for the request—

I’m wondering if there’s anyone out there who has a copy of my Sandia Hat pattern that appeared on MagKnits, oh, so long ago. I have lost the original, the pattern has been unavailable on-line since MagKnits folded, and I regularly get requests for it that I’m unable to satisfy. If someone out there has it, I’d love to get a copy back, so I can post it here. I’d be glad to sweeten the deal by sending you a little something in return.

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  1. have fun with the socks! They are beautiful – I’ll be waiting for your book to knit a few more for myself – in the meantime, I just might be starting my THIRD Santa Cruz, as Maya has again grown out of hers and refuses to be without a new one for fall. Am lucky I saved the remainder of that yarn for just this purpose.

    So sorry I never knit the Sandia, or I’m sure she’d have modeled it for you – and I’d have saved the original pattern — I’m sure someone on Rav will have it though… .

  2. Dear Knitting Friend: I started knitting a few months ago and found your website. I truly admired
    your Revontuli shawls and wanted to ask you about the 2 types of yarn which you used. Which did you prefer, the Kauni or the Noro? I am partial to tweedy
    yarns. Do you think the shawl would look good in a
    WW tweed, or a WW alpaca yarn? Or would a DK weight be better? I actually saw an alpaca/silk combo but don’t have a clue about that since I am new to Knitting. BTW, thanks for the endorsement for Little Knits online shop. I think their site is one of the best I have seen. SJ Schiffman, Efrat, Israel

  3. can’t wait for a single-document Pangea pattern. what a beautiful shawl! but I’m confused by the gazillion pdfs. thanks in advance for the pattern.

  4. Hi Sarah-Hope,

    I’m pleased to say I have a copy of your Sandia pattern. I loved it so much that after I knit one for a friend, I made a sample for my LYS and left the link for the pattern through Magknits. Just today I received an email from customer asking for a copy and that’s what sent me searching for you.
    As I said, I have a hard copy, but I dont’ have a scanner. Can I fax it to you?

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