Tuesday Mewsday: Archy Plays the Alpha

After much, much operatic posturing on his part, Archy is being allowed out for the occasional daytime ramble. Maggie would prefer to stay in, thank you. And Damian has no clue that “out” even exists. But Archy is a former street waif, and he knows about fresh air and sniffing things and gopher hunting and chomping on grass (and then waiting until he’s back inside to throw up). He has been bucking for an exit visa almost since the day Melissa moved in.

Archy’s new indoor-outdoor status means he and Miss Timmy have been meeting up. We have not had any actual fighting, but we have had posturing aplenty.
I am Alpha, hear me roar
Poor Archy. As soon as he gets his alpha on, one of us scoops him up and walks him back inside, tutting and saying, “if you can’t play nice, you won’t get to play at all.” We don’t even act the least bit frightened by his growls and hisses. The indignity of it all!