Tuesday Mewsday: Little Miss

As I’d said earlier, Miss Timmy seemed to know that her trip to the vet—unwelcome as it was—meant that she finally had a for-real-and-for-true home. Not long after that, Chris bought her a cardboard scratching pad, which has been the joy of her existence. She slept on it at nght, rested on it during the day, and scratched and scratched and scratched. You could almost see the wheels turning in her head: I OWN something. I never had a MINE before. MINE is good. It has scratchy-yums.

Well, we’ve been having heavy rain lately, and Miss Timmy’s scratching pad has taken quite a hit. But that hasn’t kept her from loving it. She continues to sit on it, despite the rain, all draped out as if she’s trying to keep it dry.

Chris decided to buy her a new pad, which she takes in when it rains to keep it intact. Miss Timmy made it known that she appreciates the thought (she even scratched it some to be polite), but she still prefers her first scratching pad, her MINE.

Chris snapped this pic yesterday evening.
Timmy and her prized possessions
Oh, how Miss Timmy loves her MINE, bedraggled as it is.