Tuesday Mewsday: Help with Two Ls

Well, I was going to have a video for you today, but…

A) Damian insists on helping Melissa at the computer.
B) We had a high of 96F yesterday (breaking the previous record of 89F that dated back to 1899).

When you put these two together—well, there’s bound to be trouble.

Even in the worst weather, Damian is absolutely convinced that nothing can get done at the computer without his assistance. First he has to love, love, love the monitor. (“Polishing it!” he says.) Then he has to flop over so that he pushes the keyboard halfway off the desk. (“Improved access!” he says.) After that, he helps with the typing by whipping his tail back and forth. (“Spell-checking!” he says.)

With the heat yesterday, his tail-whipping was particularly vigorous. (“I can’t believe you’re calling me in to work in this weather!” he said.) So vigorous, in fact, that he whipped the video card (is that the word for it?) right out of the card reader, whereupon the computer, not being able to find the card it was seeking, had a nervous breakdown and crashed. Really crashed. As in, appears to have stopped working. The video card is fine. Melissa popped it back into the camera, and everything there was okey-slash-dokey. But the computer remained unresponsive.

In a last-ditch effort, Melissa turned the whole thing off and is just letting it sit for a day to see if some quiet contemplation might bring back its sense of identity and return it to the living. (Seeing that the computer was no longer in use, Damian purred, “My work here is done!” and headed off to a cooler spot to lick his butt.)

I’ll keep you posted.

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  1. Being a witness to this event, I need to say that Damian really was just trying to help. In his own mind he is Steve Jobs/Bill Gates. Unfortunately his computer skill levels are more in my range!!
    And I am happy to report that he is not being given a timeout to think about things. In fact, I have already seen him in the window waiting for Melissa to come home with his next data entry job.

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