Tuesday Mewsday: Cat TV

Well, the wee dim birdie from last year has returned from his wintering grounds, though he doesn’t appear to have grown any wiser in the intervening months. He’s moved over one window from last year, but his routine remains the same: for several hours each day, he perches at the window, gazing and tapping at his own reflection. He doesn’t seem angry. It’s more that he can’t believe what a charming, attractive creature he’s bumped into, and he simply can’t pull himself away.

See for yourself—

Needless to say, Sparky and Bea find him quite entertaining.

2 Replies to “Tuesday Mewsday: Cat TV”

  1. I had one of those some years ago back on Staten Island. It was a cardinal who attacked my window during mating season & the theory is that he’s defending his territory from the intruder (his reflection) But at daylight (5-6AM) I wasn’t much appreciating this bird either, but yes- the cats enjoyed it immensely. I always wonderdd if it was the same ding-bat cardinal that built a nest in a bush that was right in front of my front window (the one I kept open all summer) again – endless entertainment for the cats. I just hope you don’t have a neighbor like I did. The SOB shot the bird while it perched in a tree behind his house.

  2. That silly little bird. Very cute.

    We had a tiny bird do that in the side windows one year, and a crippled rescue cat that we had nursed back to health, one that could hardly walk straight, caught it one day. DH chased that cat back and forth across the yard until he ran out of breath. He gasped,”How can a crippled cat run that fast?” DH was trying to get the little bird away from Fluff. The girls and I were horrified when our sweet little visiting bird fell victim to the sweet, otherwise harmless little Fluff.

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