Tuesday Mewsday: Cat TV

Well, the wee dim birdie from last year has returned from his wintering grounds, though he doesn’t appear to have grown any wiser in the intervening months. He’s moved over one window from last year, but his routine remains the same: for several hours each day, he perches at the window, gazing and tapping at his own reflection. He doesn’t seem angry. It’s more that he can’t believe what a charming, attractive creature he’s bumped into, and he simply can’t pull himself away.

See for yourself—

Needless to say, Sparky and Bea find him quite entertaining.

Position Sought

Large, handsome, enthusiastic orange and white cat seeks employment as a computer assistant/muse. Giant paws enable stepping on multiple keys simultaneously, resulting in new and creative keyboard commands. Powerful whippy tail can disconnect working USB cables, resulting in corrupted external hard drives and lost iTunes libraries. Possible employment as a WMD. Bonus: also makes an excellent paperweight. Current human does not appreciate my skill set. Ask for Damian.

Tuesday Mewsday: Help with Two Ls

Well, I was going to have a video for you today, but…

A) Damian insists on helping Melissa at the computer.
B) We had a high of 96F yesterday (breaking the previous record of 89F that dated back to 1899).

When you put these two together—well, there’s bound to be trouble.

Even in the worst weather, Damian is absolutely convinced that nothing can get done at the computer without his assistance. First he has to love, love, love the monitor. (“Polishing it!” he says.) Then he has to flop over so that he pushes the keyboard halfway off the desk. (“Improved access!” he says.) After that, he helps with the typing by whipping his tail back and forth. (“Spell-checking!” he says.)

With the heat yesterday, his tail-whipping was particularly vigorous. (“I can’t believe you’re calling me in to work in this weather!” he said.) So vigorous, in fact, that he whipped the video card (is that the word for it?) right out of the card reader, whereupon the computer, not being able to find the card it was seeking, had a nervous breakdown and crashed. Really crashed. As in, appears to have stopped working. The video card is fine. Melissa popped it back into the camera, and everything there was okey-slash-dokey. But the computer remained unresponsive.

In a last-ditch effort, Melissa turned the whole thing off and is just letting it sit for a day to see if some quiet contemplation might bring back its sense of identity and return it to the living. (Seeing that the computer was no longer in use, Damian purred, “My work here is done!” and headed off to a cooler spot to lick his butt.)

I’ll keep you posted.


I’m attempting to write this post while working at my LYS, The Golden Fleece. So either I’ll be productive blog-wise or else my attempt to blog will bring on an onslaught of customers, so Margaret will be rich, even if I’m post-less.

I’m continuing to work on various un-photo-able projects. And somehow Melissa, and Melissa and I keep failing to take pictures of the photo-able ones. So I’m afraid I can’t offer much in the way of visual excitement.

A week from Monday Melissa and I are taking a friend to a Giants game for her birthday. Not just any game: Star Trek Movie Night! The title is a bit misleading, as there won’t be any actual movies, but there will be a costume contest (we’re limiting ourselves to Vulcan ears, so won’t be entering), a pre-game party, and free foam hands doing a “live long and prosper” salute.

Melissa has been making prints all weekend and hopes to lure Miss Timmy into the garage to keep her company for a bit today. Yesterday was a bust, as a neighborhood cat, Julio, a youngish orange tabby, showed up and kept trying to make friends, much to Miss Timmy’s dismay. There were not actual altercations, but Timmy kept moving to different corners of the yard, hoping to escape Julio’s attentions. And Julio, as young cats will, kept popping along behind her asking, “Do your like me now? How about now? Now?”

I’m making a big push to get back to better eating habits, so we’ve been doing some fun cooking lately. Friday night was sweet potato and chickpea patties in whole wheat pitas with yogurt sauce. Last night was quinoa with Kale, raisins, onions, almonds and sun-dried tomatoes. Tonight we’re planning whole wheat noodles with walnuts, sun-dried tomatoes, and asparagus. And hummus. Lots of hummus. Hummus is my new best friend.

I’m hoping to do a proper review of Cookie A’s new sock book in the coming week, but for now, just let me say that you need this book. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a sock knitter. Trust me.

Tuesday Mewsday: Miss Timmy Settles In

Last week, we took Miss Timmy, our “yard cat,” to the vet for a full check-up and vaccines. Most importantly, we needed to find out if she had been spayed. A quick tummy-shave revealed that the answer to that last item was “yes”—and we are much relieved on that account.

Miss Timmy is a dainty thing, so we’d been speculating that she’s young and not quite full grown, but the vet thinks she’s at least several years old, and probably five or six. One of her kidneys is smaller than the other, which is often a sign of aging, and she has several damaged teeth (though none are painful, we’re glad to report).

She had her first round of vaccines and will be going back twice more for various other shots. The rabies vaccine now comes as a nasal spray, which is less perhaps less painful than a shot, but we’ve found that it leaves a kitty with a runny nose and sneezes for several days after.

As you might suspect, Miss Timmy did not appreciate her little outing. I accompanied Melissa on this trip, and Timmy seems to have decided to blame the whole thing on me. (She is utterly besotted with Melissa, so can’t possible blame her for anything). I was never her favorite, but she used to rub up against my legs occasionally or sit companionably at a distance. Now, the moment I come into the yard, she’s off like a shot. I am trying not to take this personally. I have a whole summer ahead of me of knitting and gardening in the yard, and she’ll have plenty of time to realize that I’m not the monster she thinks I am.

What we’ve found particularly interesting is that in a subtle sort of way, Timmy now seems to know that she is “owned.” She did not like going to the vet—oh, no. But going to the vet means she has a home. She has a slightly more possessive, less furtive attitude these days. Her chosen people have chosen her, and even with evil me dropping by from time to time, she’s reached a new level of contentment.

Random Info

• I am doing lots of knitting, but it’s all designs I’d like to submit somewhere, so I have’t any photos to offer. I’m working against a deadline and trying to see how many different ideas I can play with before then.

• Melissa has a blog now that you can check out. I’m enjoying her posts and getting to see the way she turns fragments of ideas and experience into interesting wholes.

• Folk dancing! Melissa and I have gone twice recently and quite enjoyed ourselves.

• One of the diners in town has a gum machine (you know what I mean) with little plastic kitties inside. I dig out all my quarters before we go, and now have a little row of fifteen of the cuties along the top of one filing cabinet at work. They make a nice accompaniment to the group of flocked plastic deer along my bookshelves.

• There is SO MUCH TO LEARN. I feels deliciously and terrifyingly overwhelmed by the number of podcasts, Teaching Company courses, and books all beckoning to me at the moment.